The Perfect Virtual Assistant

Global Outsourcing Company

RatiocinateVA was founded to help organizations find affordable expertise right at the moment they require it. Based in India, we hold a strong record of offering end-end business support and administrative assistance to corporates, medium-scale and small-scale enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, and other parts of the world. That we have always been rated 5-star by our clients is proof of the workmanship that we demonstrate.

Right Talent for the Right Job at the Right Time

Best Practices

We adopt proven methodologies that we have developed, tested, and verified in our experience of working on 1000+ tasks (1 lakh+ hour of tasking). We accelerate growth and help you stay ahead of your competitors and counterparts in the industry.

Right Expertise

With Virtual Assistants, businesses can now access a wider pool of human resources in their quest for the right talent and expertise. We follow a stringent recruitment policy to ensure that we house the best expertise in the industry.

Zero Interruption

Delays cost businesses. We ensure that you don't have to lose weeks and days in your wait to accomplish a task. Our backup assistants ensure that the work gets done on/before the stipulated time even if the virtual assistant allotted to you is off.

Exceptional Quality

Every piece of task goes through several rounds of quality checks before being delivered to you. We have an extensive checklist optimized for each task and we do not hesitate to put in the extra effort to ensure quality work.

How Ratiocinate VA compares to an In-house Team?

Benefits Ratiocinate VA In-House Team
Pay for only the productive hours.
Pay for 8 hours a day
Hiring & Training Costs
Included in the package
Extra cost
Turnaround time
Quick and not dependent on a single person or employee
Depends on employee
Office/Work space
Included in the package
Extra cost
PC's and Mobile phones
Included in the package
Extra cost
Operating Cost like broadband, electricity bills
10 times lower
High operating costs
Insurance and other employee benefits
Included in the package
Extra cost
Back-up assistance
Trained backup assistants come into play
when your VA is off
Expensive to hire, maintain and operate
Quality Checks
Extensive checklist
Requires a quality team
Easy to upgrade or downgrade your package.
Involves hiring and firing costs.
Tracking & Ownership
Included in the package
Requires a manager

How It Works?

 The success of entrepreneurs depends on how productive they are, not on how busy they get. Offload your administrative tasks to our experts while you juggle less and focus more on business growth.

Customized to our clients

No matter whether you have a mundane task or an occasional task, we will get it done the way you require.

10+ years of experience

Our Virtual Assistants hold a rich experience of more than 10 years of working in the domain of their specialization.

Transparent Pricing

Flat rates and packages. No hidden costs. We provide multiple options for you to choose from. Easy to upgrade or downgrade.


We are committed to customer and client excellence. We work as collaborators to accelerate the mission and partners to drive their vision.

End-end services

We are not limited to a single service or two. We offer end to end Virtual Assistant services and across a broad spectrum of industries.

Looking for an extra pair of hands to unshoulder yourself?


Achieve work-life balance by outsourcing not-so-important tasks like Calendar management, email management, holiday planning, MS office projects, etc.


Concentrate on your core business aspects and upscaling your business while we take care of Market research, business presentations, pitch decks, investor proposals, web design, SEO services, and more

Enterprises and corporates

Reduce 70% of your hiring and operating costs. Hire Virtual Assistants and experts who can do the same at a fraction of your current operating costs. Drive profits and business growth.