COVID-19 And The Future Of Work

On account of the emergence and the rampaging spread of COVID-19, governments across the world introduced cautionary directives and lockdown measures to curb and contain the spread. What started as a health disruption evolved enough to disrupt all walks of our lives and livelihoods. For some time in 2020 and in 2021, virtual mediums remained mainstream, and in the latter parts of 2021 and 2022 where people have learned to coexist with the virus, hybrid mediums have gained prominence everywhere- IT workspaces, hospitals, education, conferences, meetings, etc.

Hybrid work is expected to stay longer than we anticipated. It has become a mainstream and a new normal, and studies suggest that if organizations go on- site as they were before COVID-19, they would lose more than 35% of the employees. So it becomes essential for organizations to ramp up themselves with technological and managerial abilities to let the work be flexible, and yet achieve the intended results.

How Virtual Assistants Are Shaping The Future Of Work?

A Virtual Assistant Is Someone Who Offers Services To A Client While Operating Outside Of The Fringes Of Their Workspace Or Office. The Rising Wages And Salaries, And Lack Of Access To Qualified Resources Post COVID-19 Have Buttressed The Demand For Virtual Assistants. This Is Intensified And Has Become Practically Possible With The Penetration Of Digital Platforms, And Tools To Allocate And Monitor Work Remotely. The Phenomenon Of Virtual Assistant Is A Win-Win For Both The Employers And The Individual Assistants Who Do Not Wish To Be Bound Inside The Mundane Of A Regular Work.

The following section describes how virtual assistants are proving to be extremely beneficial to individuals and entrepreneurs in achieving a work-life balance, yet keeping their momentum on.

1. Achieving work-life balance

When everything turned virtual, demarcating the boundaries between work and life seemed almost impossible and the lines became thinner. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the easiest and the most affordable option to achieve a work-life balance.

Whether you are an individual exhausted of doing all by yourselves, or an entrepreneur who feels that having two more hands would relieve you from the stress of handling not-so-critical operations, hiring a Virtual Assistant would help. By doing this, you can channelize your time on more productive and essential tasks like formulating business plans or spending more time with family.

2. Low cost

Hiring a full-time employee means the organization has to offer

● Sick holidays
● Taxes
● Worker compensation
● Medical benefits or Insurance

Studies evidence for the fact that an average employee has the ability to work without distraction for six hours or so, in spite of being paid for 8 hours. Whereas, virtual assistants work as independent contractors and the company is not bound to offer worker benefits and compensation. This means a saving in cost as well as paying only for the work done. The money that you save can be used to perform other business operations or for your own betterment if you are an individual hiring a virtual assistant.

3. Increase in productivity

To virtual assistants there exists no room for distraction as they get to work out of office. They own the deliverables and if they do not deliver on time no company would hire them. There is no obligation to pay until the work is delivered. The chances of errors are also less, and because there exists no boundaries, companies can gain access to skilled resources. This way the overall quality of work improves.

4. Diversify your risks

Hiring a full-time employee means a commitment to keep them employed no matter what happens to your business, its scale and revenue. If you are scaling a business or expanding its scope, there are chances that you are not very sure of the results and also about whether you would be able to meet the commitment. Under such circumstances, hiring a virtual assistant is the easiest way to mitigate your budgetary risks. In case the business scales and grows as expected, you may hire another VA to assist you in your day-to-day tasks. So, if you are not so sure of business growth and all that you know is that you need a helping hand at the moment, hiring a Virtual Assistant is the wisest business decision you could make.

5. Zero delays

When you are hiring a VA, you are actually transferring a part of the ownership of the deliverables to the VA. At Ratiocinate VA, we have backup assistants who can handle tasks in the absence of the virtual assistant allotted to them. In case the virtual assistant is sick or is unable to honor the commitments, our backup VAs will jump in to ensure that the work is done on time. This means a zero delay and you can get the work done on time. In a way, hiring a VA makes planning easier.

6. Greater flexibility

In case you are running a business that requires your attention all the while or your business keeps getting customer tickets, you may have to stay awake until late in the night answering phone calls and handling customer queries. Doing this for a long time would drain your mind and body, and divert your attention from critical tasks. A regular, full-time employee may not be apt for tasks that have flexible demands like working in the wee hours of the day. If you hire a virtual assistant, they shall help you handle tasks at any time of the day as per your requirements.

7. Spend on diverse skills

A full-time employee may not have the capacity to meet the various skill requirements of your business. For example, your business may require that you update the website for two to three hours every day as well as graphic design tasks that take up another two hours or so. Content related tasks may also require some 10 hours of time every week. Under such circumstances, it becomes almost infeasible and not viable to hire a full-time web designer, a graphic designer or a content creator. On the other hand, you may hire a VA who is skilled in specific domains and build a diverse talent pool. Moreover, you ought to pay only for the work done. No matter what your work is, it is always possible to hire a VA with the set of skills and abilities you are looking for.

Looking for a Virtual Assistant?

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